Workshops for Parents & Educators

  • Are you struggling to understand WHY your child is having more than expected meltdowns or tantrums at home, at the shops or at school?
  • Do you work with a group of children who are sensitive to noise, touch or very busy?
  • Are you a professional who sees sensory sensitive or sensory seeking children in your practice or school every day?


SPD Parent Zone has worked with children, parents, caregivers, child care workers, health professionals and teachers around the world.

Through workshops, webinars, and online training, SPD Parent Zone teaches many adults and children:

  • WHAT Sensory Processing is
  • HOW to recognise children who struggle with sensory processing
  • PRACTICAL STRATEGIES to make family life and school days easier
  • The Difference between behavior issues and sensory issues


e8de8631-fb19-4ba4-af52-95051dd40156SPD Parent Zone offers Presentations and Workshops at Public and Private Schools and Alternative Learning Facilities to help faculty more fully understand and respond to the environmental needs of sensory kids.  We also offer presentations and workshops for Parents and Caregivers.


Presentation and Workshops

  •  Standard Presentation 

SPD Parent Zone will be with your group for one hour, offering a 45-minute presentation with props, pictures, and demonstrations of strategies that have greatly improved their clients environments, followed by a 15-mintue Q&A

  • Workshop/Breakout Session

This is a 2-hour presentation consisting of a 90-minute presentation, one break-out session, and a 15-minute Q&A session.

  • Keynote Presentation

This is a 3-hour presentation consisting of two 1-hour presentation blocks, two break-out sessions, and a 15-minute Q&A session.


Sample Presentation Topics

Here are just a few of the topics SPD Parent Zone can tailor to your organization or group. If you have a specific topic or issue you would like to address, please contact Kelly; she can design a program specifically for your needs!

  • Sensory Needs in Preschool and the Elementary Years:

Challenges with sensory processing can cause a variety of issues for young children both in and out of the school setting. This presentation will provide an introduction and overview of sensory processing skills. It will provide you with tools to better understand your child/student’s sensory needs, helpful management strategies, and other resources.

  • Recognizing and Managing the Difference Between “Behavior Issues” and Sensory Issues:

For kids with sensory processing issues, the sensations that come with school can be overwhelming. It can be easy to mistake the signs and actions of a sensory-overwhelmed child with behavior issues. Learn some of the challenges, signs and differences; along with ideas on how you can help manage them.

SPD Parent Zone wants to empower you with knowledge, skills and tools to help the children in your life reach their potential every day!!


If you are interested in hosting a workshop, or other event at your facility, please contact Kelly today!