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Teachers Online Sensory Series

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Join 7 Sensory Experts as they teach you how to understand your sensory kiddos, and provide the best tools and strategies to help everyone have a successful school day.

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This conference is geared towards teachers (everyone is welcome to attend, but the conference will focus on helping sensory kids in the classroom).

We have an amazing line up of the top experts in the field. They’ll teach you how to understand our sensory kiddos and provide the best tools and strategies to help everyone have a successful school day. They’ll focus on age groups: early childhood, elementary and junior high.

Too many teachers want to help, but don’t know where to begin. Too many kids are being home schooled because they just can’t thrive in the school setting. Too many kids are having a hard time in the classroom because of all this. We’re going to help you solve these issues.  

We love our teachers and we love our sensory kids….let’s find a way to work together to give our kids the best chances to thrive.

Conference Speakers and Presentation Titles:


  • Dayna Abraham, 7 Truths Every Teacher Should Know About Sensory Processing *
  • Lindsey Moyer and Dana Pais: Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Intervention Based OT Approaches to Sensory Challenges in the Classroom
  • Amanda Morin: Recognizing and Managing the Difference Between “Behavior Issues” and Sensory Issues *
  • Angela Hanscom: The Decline of Outdoor Play in Children – And the Rise of Sensory Issues
  • Hartley Steiner: Sensory Based Behaviors in the Classroom, Simple Effective Solutions *
  • Beth Aune: Redefining Behavior: Practical Solutions for School, Home and Community

*parent to children with Sensory Processing Disorder


If you have any questions, please email Kelly at Please use the subject “conference” in your email.

**Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance (if you’re unable to attend the live conference, but watch the recordings…you will still receive a certificate).


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