Red Flags of SPD

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can affect one sense or multiple senses. Symptoms vary within the disorder. Consider the child’s behavior during the past six months. If you recognize more than a few of the following symptoms in a child, screening for SPD may be warranted.

Infants and toddlers

____ Problems eating or sleeping

____ Irritable when being dressed; uncomfortable in clothes

____ Rarely plays with toys

____ Resists cuddling, arches away when held

____ Cannot calm self

____ Floppy or stiff body, motor delays



____ Over-sensitive to touch, noises, smells, other people

____ Difficulty making friends

____ Difficulty dressing, eating, sleeping, and/or toilet training

____ Clumsy; poor motor skills; weak

____ In constant motion; in everyone else’s face and space

____ Frequent or long temper tantrums


Grade schoolers

___ Over-sensitive to touch, noise, smells, other people

___ Easily distracted, fidgety, craves movement; aggressive

___ Easily overwhelmed

___ Difficulty with handwriting or motor activities

___ Difficulty making friends

___ Unaware of pain and/or other people


Adolescents and adults

___ Over-sensitive to touch, noise, smells, other sensations, or people

___ Poor self-esteem; afraid of failing at new tasks

___ Lethargic and slow

___ Always on the go; impulsive; distractible

___ Leaves tasks uncompleted

___ Clumsy, slow, poor motor skills or handwriting

___ Difficulty staying focused

___ Difficulty staying focused at work and in meetings


Information from the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder


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