A Walk in Their Shoes

“The Special Needs Acceptance Book” by Ellen Sabin, is another one of my very favorite books. The content below is copyrighted material from a page in a chapter called “Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes: How and Why to Accept Others”.

All of us feel overwhelmed by our senses sometimes. Think of yourself and your senses.

  • A bright light can hurt your eyes. (Sight)
  • A loud noise might surprise you and make you jump. (Sound)
  • A really gross smell can make you feel sick. (Smell)
  • Very spicy food can make your mouth burn. (Taste)
  • When you have a bruise and someone bumps into you, it can really hurt. (Touch)

These things don’t bother most people very much. But some people with special needs feel their senses so strongly that all the information they are getting from their senses can become very distracting.

What senses are you most sensitive to? Answer these questions to find out.

  • How do you feel when someone shines a flashlight in your eyes?
  • Can you think of other sights that bother you?
  • Can you list three noises that make you want to cover your ears?
  • What is you least favorite smell?
  • What do you do when you smell it?
  • There are things that you probably find uncomfortable to touch because they feel too hot, cold, sharp, slimy, or rough. What are some things that you don’t like to touch?
  • Is there a certain food that you never, ever want to eat? What is it?

 Everyone has different answers to these questions, because everyone has different things that bother their senses.

Some people with special needs have many more things that bother them because they feel their senses much more strongly than you do! Just imagine if there were lots and lots of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches that bothered you and made you feel uncomfortable every day.

Now, I bet you can understand how some people with special needs might feel overwhelmed a lot of the time.

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