What to do when Circuit Breaker Trips Often

There are instances when circuit breakers trip, or trip often. While it is inconvenient, homeowners should realize that the occasional tripping means that the electrical breaker panel is working in optimal condition. Since it is the main safety mechanism of a home electrical system, occasional trips mean that it is successful in catching bad wiring connections, ground fault, or other issues that could damage or undermine the property’s electrical system. 

Worn out breaker panels is one of the common causes of constantly tripping power breakers

Homeowners should keep in mind though that if the breaker trips often, then most likely there is an underlying electrical panel issue that needs the immediate attention of a licensed local electrician. This write-up will thresh out the possible reasons why circuit breaker switches constantly trip, and what homeowners could do about it. 

Power overloading

Power or circuit overload is the most common reason why circuit breakers trip, and trip often. These have several possible causes including worn out or corroded circuits, or electrical circuits being overloaded with too many devices plugged in on one single circuit. 

If this happens, homeowners should consider requesting additional power or amperage, and additional power receptacles around the home to avoid power overloading. A licensed electrician contractor can easily carry this out to avoid tripped circuit breakers.

A short circuit can cause tripping too

Short circuits can also cause constant tripping of electrical breakers. When the panel detects a short circuit which can usually be attributed to damaged wiring, loose electrical connections, faulty electrical switches, failing plugs and cords, malfunctioning appliances, or electrical fixtures. Either way, only a licensed local electrician can accurately diagnose the issue, and remediate it right away. 

Ground Fault

When the electrical breaker panel detects a ground fault, the breaker could automatically trip. The circuit breaker could trip when the hot and the ground wire come into contact, as this situation creates the danger of electrocution. 

Breaker failure 

Worn-out breaker panels can also cause constant tripping of power breakers. Homeowners should seek electrical safety maintenance inspections so that a licensed electrician could get to check whether the electrical panel is still in good working condition. It is also important to check whether the electrical demands of the household could still be amply supplied by the existing system.